What stereotype are you? (Girls Only)

What stereotype are you? (Girls Only)

Have you ever wondered what stereo type you are? If so then this is the quiz for you.

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Hi! I'm Ariana. Are you ready?

Uh....I guess.(says shyly)
Les go!

What best describes you?

Rebel, a bit careless, takes up for self, doesn't care what anyone
Quiet, small, keeps to self a lot, blushes or smiles nervously a lot,
Funny, sarcastic, nice, pretty,
Sweet, outgoing, friendly, happy
Skateboard, don't mind getting dirty, rough
Beautiful, caring, always looks up and into your eyes, loving
Jumpy, sugar high, awesome, weird, crazy, and more awesome
Talkative, noticeable, confident, stylish,always have to have makeup
Talented, sweet, passionate, loves music

How many friends do you have?

Only a couple/none
A lot 20+
A lot of friends but only a few best friends
A lot. The guys love meh. They are like my brothers.
Quite a few!
I don't know....and I don't care
Uhh...I'm not sure, but I don't need a lot.
My friends are my band members/other

At a party what are you doing?

Jumping all around. And stacking up on junk food!
Listening in, that is IF I'm even there
Uh...talking? *shrugs*
Definitely talking to everyone.
Making jokes about things and /or people.
Doing what I want
Probably dancing
Singing or performing
Talking with everyone, cause they love me

What gender are most of your friends?

Mostly girls
Both girls and boys/about half and half
Mostly boys

What do you think about make up?

Natural beauty is way better
Doesn't matter
It is my life!
People who are want to be musicians might want it. So...maybe
No, because everyone else wears it.

What's your wardrobe like?

Cute trendy clothes, anything that is an attention grabber.
Something cute...I guess. Was that the right answer? *blush* (Me: there is no right or wrong answer.)
Whatever I feel like, and I don't are what other people think.
Depends on the occasion
Some sweats a T shirt and some Nike's /converse
Go with what is like me
Something a creative person would wear
Probably a shirt that says "I'm awesome" and some jeans

What do you do on your weekends?

Get invited to a lot of stuff then go
Read write or study
Stay at home, I'm to shy to go anywhere
Go apply for a something that I really want to do, because I know I can
Sing, dance, act, draw, paint, write songs, etc.
Dance around the house crazily
Whatever I feel up to
Have fun
Joke around
Play football (America)

Let fate decide!

Definitely Fate
Um definitely not fate
Fate (sings it)
Fate I guess
I pick fate