Which Video game character are you?

Find out what your inner game character is! Please don't try for a certain character, just answer the questions!!

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If you encounter an army of people trying to kill you, what do you do?

Stealthily kill all of them, then seemingly dissapear.
Fight them with you partner at your side.
Fight them, letting your partner do most of the work.

If a huge tank is coming after you, what do you do?

Open the hatch, jump in, rip the driver's face off, throw him out, and take control of it!
umm.. What's a tank??
Fight it!
Turn around and cover your eyes while your partner fights it.

If your hunted, what do you do?

Mess his face up!
Blend in with the crowd so he doesn't find you.
Run with your partner

If someone's pissing you off, what do you do?

Rip his organs out of his body.
Go on with my mission.
Go dark on him!
Flip him off.

If you are offered a huge free meal, what do you do?

Too busy killing people.
Gotta stay slim to be stealthy.
Take it, I guess