What's your personality

What's your personality

take the quiz to find out your personality CHOOSE WISELY!!! Hope you all Enjoy!

published on July 31, 201151 responses 6
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Your Best friend is dating your crush, you...

you try to forget about it and move on
try and become closer to him, and see if he likes you
Just tell yourself, " It happened for a reason."
Keep dreaming about marrying him without her knowing

What is your idea of a perfect date?

A Romantic dinner for 2 at the fanciness place in town
You grab something quick and hit the amusement parks
As long as he's standing next to you, you don't care where you go
Go and see if there are any romantic comedy's on

If your best friend were a flower, what would they be?

A Rose, elegant and sweet
A Cactus, they're spiky but awesome
A Bundle, they're all pretty
Tulips, The smell of them reminds me of the flower my boyfriend gave me

A Guy you don't like asks you out on a date, you say...

" Sorry, it's a no. Maybe next time."
" Already taken bub."
" I would, but i can't. "
"One date, then I'm dumping you."

What is your idea of a perfect house?

Anything, as long as I have someone to share it with...
An awesome, colorful house, with a huge pool
Just a simple, layed back home
A little cute cottage with lots of flowers and bunnies!