How Would You Die In The Hunger Games?

How Would You Die In The Hunger Games?

How would you die in the arena for the Annuel Hunger Games? Find out with my quiz!

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The countdown has now finished...what do you do?

Run without my survival pack. I'll get it later when everyone is gone!
Get my survival pack straight away! There's no chance I'm leaving without it! Forget about the weapons!
Run! Luckily, I can find some berries and drink the juices from them without having to get my pack!
Get my weapons, kill everyone in sight! Ha!
Run away as far as possible...leave the pack, I don't need it to survive in here! All I need is my climbing abilities and my speed!

What matters the most to you in thse games?

My abilities!
Water! Water is so important right now!

How do you think you'll die?

I might get sick or something?
Maybe I'll starve?
I will not die! I'll win!
I might die from infection? The woman at training said a certain percentage of us will die from there's a possibility it'll be me.

What will you keep under control the most?

Definitely my hunger.
My thirst for sure.
Bacteria. I won't let any bacteria or diseases kill me. Not even mutts.
I have lots of sponsor so I don't need to worry.
My weapons will be surrounding me at all times!

What district do you think you're from?

District 1
District 2
District 5
District 12
District 11