Random Pony quiz

Random Pony quiz

Let's say that you're a new pony and you saw some creepy creatures take over ponyville...How are going to survive? How can you help stop them?

published on December 09, 201342 responses 13 5.0★ / 5

First Question....

Um...I want to. Pegasi, like me LOVE to travel!
Okay! Okay! Don't scream at me!
I wanted to unite with my family and friends, Now if you don't mind, I got some "Uniting" to do!
I was just looking for food for my family because we're running out of food, then, I got here!

Halt! Don't you see those wild ugly creatures taking over this place?!

*Looks for a while* Um, sure. I don't see them doing bad! *Sees many ponies screaming and running* Oh, now I see.
*Sighs* Yes, I do, what do you want me to do about that?
OMG! Um, I can't help right now, I'm super busy!

If we don't do anything fast, everyone will suffer or even worse, DIE!!!!

....I got ya, but how can I help? I'm just a helpless Pegasus!
What do ya want me to do? Cast a spell? Look, kid, I seem like I'm a smart unicorn but I have no solution!
I hear you now, but I'm a poor Earth pony with no way to defend myself!

There's one way, WAR!!!!

War? Hold on a sec, I'm a peace keeping pony! There must be another way!
Well, Tell Celestia I'm busy.

Did you hear me? I SAID WAR!!!

Oh, um, How? These creatures sure look powerful..
*Sigh* Make this quick, can you?
I'm doing this for a better future! I hope this works out.

Run! Incoming Creature!

Why run when I can fly! *Flies away and carries Spike with him/her
*Sighs* I have no choice...*Transport*

Good, now give me your ear!

Oh! A secret! *Gives Spike your ear*
*Groans and give Spike your ear*
If you say so!

*Whispers* We're making different teams
We're making the Pegasus Army, Unicorn Army and Earth Pony Army! Hurry and Prepare!

Awesome! I'm so there!
Might as well buy some armor.
Um okay, The family wouldn't mind if I fight war for a day!

Awesome, now it's time to choose your side.
Which one?

Pegasi Army!
Unicorn Army!
Earth Pony Army!