Does Depression Control You?

Does Depression Control You?

Some times depression will hold you in its grip. You can take this quiz and see if it helps with any questions on how you are feeling.

published on December 08, 2013105 responses 21
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Do you feel popular?

Not at all...
Yes! I do. :D
No not really. But people do know who I am.

You cry yourself to sleep every night.

Yes. My pillow is always wet with me tears.
Neva eva! I go to sleep right off. :D
I will toss and turn all night. Perhaps a few tears...

Do you rather being alone than being surrounded by a bunch of other people?

Yes. I loath being around others.
Not at all. I love being around others.
If I feel like I'm in a sour mood then yes. I would want to be left alone

Have you ever self harmed?

Truthfully... yes.
Oh of course I haven't! That's just awful.
No. Not really. I might have thought of doing it once before though...

Losing yourself in heavy or super soft classical music is the only way to escape the world.

Yeah. This place is to heavy to bare...
Nope! I have lots of things I love to do. Why waste away? :D
Once in a while yes.

Do you like having your hood up?

Yes. All the time. Definitely at school.
No way. Only if it's raining :P
If I want to hide myself

You had a fight with a dearly loved one.

Kinda. Not really. It depends.

When you draw, it is a picture of the night with a moon.

Ah such beauty the moon holds...
That's creepy. Most likely NOT.
My pictures definitely have a darker theme.

You have so many regrets in this world...

I can't live with myself with them all!
Not to many. I do have some things that I wish I haven't done.. but hey.

Is your favorite color a darker more sinister color?

Of course not! ^_^
It... varies. OR Neither

You're older than 11

Maybe, Maybe not ;)
does that matter?...

You get bullied and made fun of alot.

Yes. All of the time. I'm so trapped.
No not ever! People are really nice to me.
There is this one person who picks on me.

Bunnies make me sick to my stomach... -_-

Keep them away from me. I can't stand all those boingy Innocent looks
Aww! But they're so cute!
People make to much of a deal of 'how soft and cute they are'.