How Long Would You Last In The Hunger Games?

How Long Would You Last In The Hunger Games?

How long would you last for in the arena for the Hunger Games? Minutes, hours or days? Or could you even be the victor?

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The countdown has now finished. Many people flee from the bloodbath. What do you do?

I run into the bloodbath, get my weapon and fight! How else am I going to win? The rules are: Kill or be killed!
I don't really know how to fight or kill, but I will run into the bloodbath to get my weapon anyway. I don't see
how I will survive without it?
Run, without my survival pack, I'll go back in an hour or so to collect it and get shelter.
Just run! Don't even get my survival pack, just run and survive on things in the arena! All I need are berries, roots,
Get my survival pack straight away, run and find a far away shelter away from the bloodbath and killing.

You're absolutely starving! How are you going to get food?

Get my weapons and shoot some game. Rabbit, deer...any creature I can find.
I'll just find some roots to eat, I have a good knowledge of them. They'll not fill me much, but at least they'll fill a
small hole in my stomach...
Um...I'll try and steal some berries or meat or something like that maybe?
I'll pick some berries. They can't do any harm really, a lot of the berries in the arena look familiar, so...
First few days, I'll fill up on the food in my survival pack, and when another person dies, I'll get their backpack and
see if they have anymore in there.

You need a weapon to kill people...desperately. What do you get?

Something small and easy to carry... a pocket knife!
Throwing knifes! To be honest, you don't have to have great aim... just force!
I guess I wouldn't kill with weapons...I'd just use trickery, feed people with poisonous fruits and roots.
Spear! Spears would kill people straight away, I'd be confident with that.
I'd just something like a bow and arrow. That way, I can hunt animals and feed myself, but also kill people from
distances, so they can't get me as easily!

What district do you want to be from?

District 5.
District 2.
District 9.
District 4.
District 10.

How will you sleep in the arena?

In a sleeping else? Obviously I'm not going to just lay out with nothing over me!
Out in the open! People would not dare to touch or come near me, especially with my skills, they all fear me!
On the ground, in amongst the trees and mud, in my sleeping bag.
Up in the trees, where no one can see me.
In the bushes, covered in leaves and dirt to camoflague myself!