Are you a Nice Person? (2)

Are you a Nice Person? (2)

This is just a small quiz. Nothing too new or iinteresting XD *ahem* anyways... Hope you enjoy!

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You see someone trip and fall in a hallway FULL of people. What do you do?

Laugh out loud and then leave.
Don't do anything... someone else will help him/her
Help before the person gets crushed by somebody. They could get hurt.
Just stare at the person, motionless.

A puppy is in the road, and a car is coming. What do you do?

Sit back and watch it die.
Don;t mess with it. it could bite you.
Get the pup out of the road immediatly. Don't worry if the dog could bite or not. The pup could
belong to someone.
approach it slowly before picking it up to move it

Are you kind even to people who aren't kind to you?

Ugh. NO!
I don't know... They treat me badly!
Yes. he/she is still a person and deserves someone to be nice to them.
Sure why not!

Your friend is having trouble trying to carry something. What do you do?

Nah... It could probably hurt me.
Of course! I do anything for my friends.
Even if it hurts me, then... hmm... sure...?

You find a diary that looks like it belongs to someone. What do you do?

Read each page carefully then go and tell your friends about it.
Look in it to see if a name is in there. If there is, then you try to find that person it belongs to.
Ask your friends if they have seen anybody with it, if they do, go around and try to find the
Take it to lost and found. Whoever left it must want it back.

Someone shows you a drawing that they have done. It's really bad... What do you do?

Tell the person that he/she is bad at drawing and then laugh.
Tell he/she that they could do better, but that it's still okay.
Tell the person that the drawing is good anyway and that they must have put a lot of effort into it.
Tell the person that they did okay.

Your friend tells you that he/she is moving to another state. what do you say?

Annoy them about why he/she is moving and say that they don't care about you anymore
UGH whatever. I guess we could still talk on the phone anyway.
Tell he/she that we could still talk on the phone, and maybe video chat.
Who cares.

How do you think you did?

Well... I was just bored and wanted something to do. I don't think it really matters what I get.
the quiz was kinda... bad... just saying. I don't care.
I think I did okay.