Are You Ready To Leave Home?

Are You Ready To Leave Home?

This is a quick test that will help you determine if you are ready to move away from home and become independent from your family.

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How old are you?


How dependable would you say you are on your parents?

I am very dependent on my parents
Somewhat dependent
I never depend on my parents

On a scale from 1-3 how responsible are you (1 being not responsible at all and 3 being completely independent)


How comfortable would you be if you had to financially support yourself right now?

Very comfortable
A bit uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable

Do you have a savings account set up presently?

Yes I do
No I don't
I have thought about it...

How comfortable would you be living on your own?

Not comfortable at all...
Very comfortable
A bit uncomfortable

Can you prepare meals on your own?

Yes I can
Sometimes, but I require a bit of assistance
No I can not

Do you have a job that has steady income?

No I do not...
No, but I am currently looking
Yes I do

Do you value money?

Yes I value money a lot!
Sometimes I do...
Money grows on tree's!

How well do you know how to budget

Very well
I am learning how to budget my money better
When ever I get money I spend it...

Have you completed high school or the equivalent?

Yes I have!
I am still finishing up highschool
I dropped out of highschool

Do you plan on attending post-secondary education?

Yes I plan to attend post-secondary education
I am still thinking about it...
doubt it...

Do you have a life goal set for yourself?

Yes I do!
No, I want to live my life spontaneously
Yes, but I don't think I can do it...

Are you a good decision maker?

Yes I am
Majority of the time I am
Not at all

If you did move out, would your parents support you?

Yes they would
No they would not
They would not agree but they would support me regardless

Do you have enough money put aside to afford the initial costs of moving out?

Yes I do
No I do not