are u frenimies, a good friend, a great friend, or a bff!!!

that this quiz and find out what kind of friend you are maybe you r just a small friend in hes/her heart or maybe you have a special spot!!

published on December 07, 201313 responses 3
are u frenimies, a good friend, a great friend, or a bff!!!
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your friend is wearing a ugly outfit you they her...

you look great come on!!
tell her in the niceist way possible that she doesn't look good and should change
shes my good friend i would never enbarss her like that

your friend is crying and you don't know why and you...

keep asking them till she gets on her last nerve and tells you
ask her once in a very calm and nice voice and if she doesn't tell you, you don't ask again
start yelling at her saying why wont you tell me till she tells you
just don't ask you don't wanna get in any drama

you like a boy and one of you good friend gets he's number

kill her with a very sharp knife
tell her that you guy's are no longer friend's cause she new you really liked him
thier's other fish in the sea and plus friend before boys
cry all the time and never talk to her again

your 16th b-day is in a couple days and your getting a car but your friends 16th b-day is before your's and got the car you wanted

auh that would be soooo mean
auh thiers other cars it's not such a big thing

your friend has a black eye and you ask them who it was aan they tell you its the biggest bully in your school and you say to her

no way im not gonna get a black eye too
bully or not no one messes with my best friend
uhh what did you do anyways?
dont even ask she can take care of her self