Which Tezuka character are you?

Which Tezuka character are you?

Tezuka quiz! Which Iconic Osamu Tezuka character are you? Find out if you are Astro Boy, Princess Sapphire or someone else!

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How important is money for you?

Money? It's kind of useless to me but I understand why people
need it.
It's very important. Well If I do a excellent job I deserve to get
the rightful amount for it.
Its important to buy goods and supplies you need, not just for yourself but for others to.
I rather give away then take it. I don't like it when people fight over something so silly.
I grew up lucky without money problems but I do know how handy it can be. But its not too important.

An animal has nowhere to go and ends up at your doorstep what do you do?

It doesn't matter. If an animal has nowhere to go or nobody wants him/her. I like to help it. If I can take care of it I will do my
It depends. I like to take care of animals as long as I have enough space and money to take of it. I won't let it stay out alone in
cold trough.
I'm not sure if I can. I got so much to do already! But I can't turn a helpless animal away maybe I find a new owner.
It has nothing to do with me. It's not my problem. I call someone who can deal with it.
Hm it depends on what animal. I find it a new home if I can't take care of it but if it's useful its welcome to stay.

You are in a cafe and you see a man bothering a young woman who is scared. They are having a verbal fight what do you do?

It's not my business I tell him to shut up and leave if they bother me... ..unless the guy is becoming violent I show him how a punch
can really hurt.
I inform the store manager or tell the guy to leave myself and if he doesn't you will call the cops.
You separate them. Calm the guy down and ask both of them what's going on. Fights always have two stories. You try to help
both of them find a good solution.
You ask them what's going on. Maybe you can help and try your best to sole their problems.
You don't interfere it could be too dangerous. You will call the cops or ask the store manager to do something. You don't want to
endanger the young woman anymore.

You have a chance to work on a free day what kind of job will you choose..

Something with babysitting! You love to do that. You can also house sit or something with cooking.
Oh it doesn't matter. As long as I get to help people.
Something in the service department, or work together with my friends or family.
A assistant for a lawyer? or I like to be a cop for one day!
Tss I want to do something big. I do have to get paid a lot trough. Not going to waste a free day for nickles.

What type of education would you choose?

I like to choose something in the medical department.
Something in the arena of teaching.
An education related to philosophy or social economics.
Artistic education! drawing, dancing, or in music!
I like to do something in politics.

Favorite tv show?

I love to watch documentaries
Anime, cartoons and sitcoms!
House, Dexter..I like interesting main characters.
Oh I like to watch music shows, dramas or soap series.
I don't watch a lot of tv, I prefer the news.

A girl was very rude to you she makes fun of you in purpose. A few hours later you see she is in troule you ..

Help her out of the situation. However you still criticize her actions and inform her she should be grateful to you afterwards.
ahh ..that's too bad. You mock her until she ask for help or apologize to you.
You help her right away! Maybe she just needed a friend all this time. Its to much of a waste of time to keep being angry.
You help her unless it's nothing serious. You wait if she learned her lesson and then comfort her.
You help her and talk to her afterwards. You two can solve the issues between you two.

A friend of you isn't paying attention to you, he's on the phone the entire time you..

Tell him you want to talk and ask if he could put the phone down.
You inform him it's quite rude to keep staring at a phone when you are talking to someone.
You do the same thing next time let's see if he likes it.
Just ignore it. Maybe he is reading something important. It's not a big deal anyway.
Confront him and make it clear you don't want to be ignored.

You're friends are in a big discussion group related to social and political issues. You..

You want to change the topic.
You listen but don't say anything..and wait till one of them say something foolish or wrong and point it out.
You are already in the same discussion you feel passionate about it.
You stay far away from this as you know nothing about it.
You lead the discussion of course.

You're friend wants to arrange a party what do you do?

It's her/his party. You only help if asked.
You volunteer to help!
Give your friend some great party ideas and some helpful advice on the date and people she/he needs to invite.
You help of course and you can't wait!
You ask if your friend has everything set up and is ready and help him/her since you can deal with tress. Heck you arrange it!

You're sibling is on a date and is super nervous and begging for you to help him/her and come with him/her. You react...

You tell the person she/he has to do it her/himself. But you are going to give her/him some important pointers and advice.
Of course you help you're sibling! you join him/her on the date.
You help in secret in the backround. You make sure you're sibling doesn't screw up.
You have to help your family even if you don't want to. You want him/her to be happy.
Tell your sibling to deal with it him/herself. You got better things to do.

What kind of games do you like?

Sims! Tamagotchi's..Harvest Moon..Facebook farms, any game where you gt to take care of characters!
Puzzle games..detective ones. Games that make you think.
Roleplaying games or shooters!
Platform games and party ones!
Beat them ups! and fighting games!

You are on a date but you can't decide which movie you two want to go to.

Try to find a movie you both will like.
You let him/her choose the movie. You are already happy to be with him/her
You refuse to go to any other movie then the one you want to go to.
You convince your date to go to the movie you want to see. You make some good arguments.
You find a movie you both will like. If your date alraedy saw that one you will go to his/her movie. No need for drama.

You're friend is crying what do you do. ( She is very upset and crying hard )

You make her happy and show her funny videos to make her laugh. Maybe get her something nice.
You can't talk to a crying person.... you wait till she is done and then comfort her and help her.
You pull her in a hug and ask what you can do to help.
You demand her to tell her what's going on right now. Then talk to her.
You talk to her and try to find a solution for for her problem.

A family member made some insulting racial/sexist comments to a friend of yours.. you..

You stop him/her from talking further. him/her and explain why he/she is wrong.
You defend your friend. You help him/her out.
You are quite and afterwards you apologize to your friend and talk to your family member how wrong she/he was.
You tell that family member to shut up and leave with your friend.
You defend your friend and afterwards try to talk to both of them so it will be alright. You want to solve this without drama.