Liberal or Conservative

Liberal or Conservative

Take this quiz to find which you fit best: Liberal or Conservative. You might even have equal traits from both, who knows?

published on July 30, 201133 responses 7 4.2★ / 5

If you had to choose one of the two, which do you think would generally be a better companion animal?

Dogs, you can train them and take them places and they liven up the place!
Cats, easier to take care of and fuzzier and won't disturb my relaxation!

Soul, funk, or hard rock (james brown, charles wright, led zepplin);
or country and modern pop (ke$ha, katy perry, taylor swift, kenny chesney)?

Definitely soul, funk or hard rock
Country or modern pop is the way to go

Do you support gay marriage?

No, marriage is the union of a man and a woman
Yes, marriage is the union of any two people that love each other

Do you think there should be individual equality between men and women, or should women stick with the traditional roles (cooking, cleaning, childcare) while men make money for the family?

Traditional Roles
Individual Equality

Should abortion be illegal, even if a woman was wrongly and unwillingly fertilized and can't afford to raise the child healthily?

No, a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body
Yes, no matter what abortion is murder

Should we focus our power more on building our nation and making money or on caring for the Earth and its wild creatures?

green-love is power
$ is power

Would you rather hang out with . . .
Redneck Hillbillies (guns, trailer parks, chew, whiskey, banjos)
or Hippies (marijuana, intermixed cultures, high, tie dye)?

rednecks yeehawww! *bang bang*
hippies duuuuuuuude *passes out*

What matters more, schools or big businesses?

Schools duhh
Big businesses DUHHH

Should people be able to use euthanasia/physician assisted suicide?

NO! Its immoral to deliberately end the life of a terminally ill person
Yes, if its what the patient really wants and it ends the pain.

Do you like donkeys or elephants???

I like them both equally
Neither they're both smelly animals

Did you give justin bieber a chance?

I gave him a chance!!!!

How religious are you?

I wouldn't miss church for anything
I go to church regularly, but it's not a huge deal if I miss it once in a while
I never or rarely go to church.

Did Michael Jackson molest children?

No, there is no proof he did that
Yes he is an ugly creepy pedophile

Do you trust Muslims?

No. They are terrorists
Almost about as much as I would trust anybody else.