what animal are you? (23)

what animal are you? (23)

this will help you find what animal you are.It mkay even help you find pet suggustion's!

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what would you like to do on a sunny summer day?

tan out in your backyard
stay inside and rest
play on a trampoline.
go shopping for food

if you had anywhere to go where would that be?

hawaii.that way i could swim in the wave's.
california.i hear that they have lot's of playground's!
go shoping for your family's need's.

do you LIKE being mean to people?

yes.then people know im the boss.
no.that's very mean.and it's to tiring.
no.i dont want to make drama.

do you think it's ok to murder someone?

only if their annoying enough to piss me off.
no.it's wrong!i think whoever murder's someone should be murdered themself!

do you think that im a little weird?

a little