which Harry Potter character are you most like

which Harry Potter character are you most like

Are you a fan of Harry Potter wondering who your most like ? Do this test and see if you're most like Harry, Ron, Hermione and more

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what do you like to do in your spare time?

plot to rule the world
go on adventures with friends

to you friends are

people who are like you
people who don't care how different you are
people who I can trust
people to study with me in the library
people who will be kind

if your friends were taken you

would have been taken with them.
would be learning what to do to save them.
wouldn't don't care unless their your responsibility, otherwise its their problem.
would be the one who captured them
would be imagining yourself saving them
would be saving them

where in the wizarding community would you work?

an aruor for the ministry of magic
Hogwarts proffessor
death eater
work in diagon ally

what house would you be in