how much good of a liar are you?

how much good of a liar are you?

you can know if you are a good liar or not through my quiz, play it please, it is my first quiz :)

published on November 30, 201383 responses 22
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what is your best subject?

i don't know
i don't care
don't really have a single best subject.

what is your best quality?

awesome :')
haha, i don't know
you tell me ;)
i tell it like it is :p

what is your worst quality?

i don't trust people easily.
don't have one :p
too many :P
i am too naive :(
i'm mean, deal with it :p

who are you closest to?

my gf/bf
my best buddies
my family

what is your darkest secret?

not going to say!
i act the opposite of how i feel sometimes.
i don't always mean what i say, and fall in and out of "love" easily.
i don't really know who i am.
Don't keep secrets, i am as real as it comes.

what is your best friend like?

Sweetest, most awesome person in the world :)) love 'em to death <3
All of them are cool, I don't really have a single best friend
Easy to talk to, I can tell them anything
Cool, awesome, amazing, what else do ya want me to say?