Which Pretty Little Liar are you mostly like?

Which Pretty Little Liar are you mostly like?

find out what your pretty little liar chatarcter twin is. its nice to see what your character is, and who is mostly like you!

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what type of clothing do you like to wear to school?

I like my own unique style.
Something casual and comfy.
Something cute and in style!
Something that nobody else has thats very cute.

The perfect boyfriend is...

Someone that would sneak around just to see you.
Someone cute and kind.
I dont want a boyfriend.
Someone that your close to and you would sneak out with him just to see him.

what I think about sports..

I'm very athletic
I dont like to play sports
I like sports but not as much as my parents want me to
I'd rather shop..

The perfect place for a date is..

Sitting on the couch watching old movies
At the movies
Out to eat
To a concert or just somewhere fun!

My personality is..

Fun and nice
I love to shop
I'm athletic, but still care about what i look like
I love clothes and i am very nice