What type of Minecraft Player are you?

What type of Minecraft Player are you?

Find out what type of Minecrafter you are! [May not be 100% accurate] :D

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How to you mine?

I dont like mining :(
I strip mine.
I go deep into caves, to find the most ores. IDC that there are monsters! >:3

How to do you feel about ghasts?

Poor ghasts! They are so sad. :(
Fun to deflect fireballs at >:3
They can help me clear out this area for my nether wart farm! =3

You see a pig, and you are hungry. What do you do?

Talk to it in Pig Latin.
Kill it slowly and painfully - Lava?
Give it some wheat and take it home as a pet.

What do you do when you see a creeper?

Let it explode so you can get some ores.
"Aw, so cute. ^_^" *explodes* "NUU! I was gonna keep you as a pet! D:"

What do you like to build?

Anything! :D
I dont really like gathering supplies.. So.... IDK :(