this quiz tests you to see if you are really in love, so take it and you will get your awnser

published on July 28, 201139 responses 5 4.3★ / 5

do you think about him alot

i think about him all the time
sometimes but i try to keep busy
i want to forget about him but cant
i never think about him

do you feel shy whenever your around him

i act normally
i am sooo shy
i really cant be bothered any more
i dont know what to say

do you smile when you listen to his voice

all the time
i get really happy when i hear his voice
i never smile i just act normally
i get overexited

do you listen to slow songs alot

i am starting to listen to loads of slow songs
whenever i hear sad songs i dream about him
i listen to my normal songs
i listen to the songs he listens to

do act funny around him

i act really weird around him
i never be weird i act normally
i get really exited andsmileall the time around him
i look to the floor not at his face im too shy

do you compliment him

i always compliment him
i tell him hes cute
i never compliment him
i dont want to compliment him to his face

do think hes annoying

yes but its so cute
hes so annoying
i always tell him hes annoying
i try to ignore him when he starts annoying me