Can you survive??

Can you survive??

Are you good at making decisions? Do you make the right decisions? Lets find out.

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Your house is being renovated, how do you feel about that?

Great!!! It's going to look better!
Good. It'll help us...A bigger kitchen.
Eh...I'd rather not stay out of the house for so long, but...
I HATE IT!!!! I like the house the way it is!! GR!

The house is halfway done and workers start quitting. What are your thoughts?

I knew we shouldn't have renovated! Now theres going to be a raging ghost trying to kill us!! I refuse to go back! let me stay with my bf/gf/bff!
Stupits!!! There is no reason to quit!! Get back there and work!!!
Hire some more...and tell them if they quit we'll sue them.
Hire some more...If they quit then oh well, we'll do the rest...

Your parents hire some more workers and one day while your over checking on the work, five of them come running out of the house wide eyed and say the cant work on this house anymore. What do you do.

Sue them.
Hire more.

You find out the next day that three workers have died after you left.

Oh gersh... Thats bad...We should pay the family...Besides, it's our house.
Oh man...Thats bad. Oh well. Lets sue the family.

The house is finally finished and it looks great. How do you feel??

Ok...Looks good. I'm kinda creeped though...The deaths and quits kinda scare me...
Oh gosh...I'm going to have to live here now! NO! I REFUSE! AHHH!!!! *runs away*

The first night in the house and your asleep in your room. You hear a bang in the kitchen. What do you do?

Go back to sleep...It's just dad getting some water.
Sit up for a while and listen. Then go back to sleep.
Call someone and tell them to pick me up...Then come back in the morning.
Get up and check everyones rooms to see they're all asleep. Then get in bed with my big sibling and go back to sleep.

It's the next night, the same thing happens. But this time, the bang is in the living room too. What do you do?

Do the same thing I did last night. Check the rooms and sleep with my big sib.
Go back to sleep.
Call some one to pick me up. Then come back in the morning.
Sit up for awhile...Then go back to sleep.

The crash is in the hallway in front of your room tonight. Thoughts?

Yell like I'm dying. Then, when my parents get to my room, call someone to pick me up.
Go back to sleep.
Sit up for a while then go back to sleep.
Call for my big sib. Then get them to sleep in my room with me.

You wake up cold the next night. What do you do?

Cover myself up and go back to sleep.
Sit up. Look around. Cover myself up. Go back to sleep.
YELLL!!!! And go to someone else's house.
Go and snuggle up to my big sib.

The next night you see a person in your room. What do you do?

Look then in the eye and say "Let me sleep" then go back to sleep.
Look at them for a while, go to the living room and sleep on the couch.
Go to my big sibs room and tell them about it, then leave to their friends house because they think it'll be safer.
Run out of the house and call someone to pick me up. Then stay there till this thing is gone.

The next night the thing tries to attack you. What do you do?

Fight back!!! Then when I have a chance run to my big sibs room and leave to their friends house.
Go back to sleep.
I'm not there, remember? It can't get me.
Fight back...Sort of. I'm still half asleep.

Do you think you survived? (Will not count to your score)

Of course! I didn't even stay for it to attack. I was long gone! *goofy grin*
No. I slept the entire time...
If you just get on with it maybe I'll know! *Me: Well then!*