What type of cat worrier are you?

What type of cat worrier are you?

see what type of cat you are.A fighter,medice,leader,hunter,or elder.Witch one are you?

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Your tribe is hunting and a clan of lizerds ambush you and your friend,you

fight back.
get away.
tell your friend to help you fight.
kill them.
kill them then find the tribe.

the grand master tells you to fight a fleat of bluejays.What do you do?

say yes
go and what for them
get a troop and fight
say no
go and wait in a tree

Time to eat.

get it later
let the others eat first
who cares I'll eat soon

You was told to go to sleep.What do you do?

wait for some to sleep then go to sleep
sleep last
dont sleep
sleep later time to hunt
sleep first

A war starts.

grab 3 troops then fight

They are haveing a debate.What should you do?

Do something.
join in

your frend dies in a fight.You

kill them
get the army and ambush
snipe the crap out of them
stay there