Dauntless Quiz

Dauntless Quiz

Are you a cruel Dauntless member, like Eric and Max? Or are you honorable, like Tris and Four? Find out with this quiz. Be 100% honest!

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The Erudite are sending out orders to all faction leaders to capture and kill the Divergent. Do you...?

Agree to the Erudites orders, and form with them a secret alliance. You then capture all Divergents and deliver them to Erudites headquarters, in exchange for new serums.
Agree to their orders, but secretly issue a message to all Divergent to escape your compound to live with the factionless, and that they can return when it is safer. You then tell the Erudite you have none.

You have just announced a new law to the entire faction of Dauntless. One unhappy person fires his gun at you, missing by millimeters. Do you...?

Send your guards into the crowd to find the traitor,
haul him/her up to the stage and execute him in front
of the crowd as warning as to what will happen to
anyone who trys to defy you.
Send out spies to find the traitor, and interrogate him
privately. If s/he continually defies you, give them the
choice of becoming factionless or execution, as you do
not want the people to see you as a coward who is
ready to forgive.

The Amity have requested your help in an issue they alone cannot solve. Do you..?

Agree to help them, on the conditions that they become indebted to you until they can pay you back in a way you see fit.
Laugh in their face and accuse them of being dependent cowards, but agree to help them anyway, on the conditions that they send you half of their produce for the next year.

You are unarmed and vulnerable as an armed traitor demands you to hand over leadership of the Dauntless. Do you..?

Agree to their demands, and if they are not doing their job as well as you see fit, kill them as soon as you can.
Be defiant and refuse. Then grab the nearest weapon and begin to fight, hoping to win, as you are desperate to hang on to your power.

Would you rather...?

Die as a glorious hero
Die saving someone else' life

Which faction do you hate the most...?

Abnegation. They are entrusted with the entire government, while you and the other factions get nothing but a minimal say.
Erudite. They have to power to spread unwanted rumours about things, and are harsh and cruel to other factions.