what is your "soul" animal?

what is your "soul" animal?

In this quiz you see what your "soul" animal is. i hope you enjoy! these are one of my FAVORITE quizzes!!!

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how dangerous would your "soul" animal be?

could cause injuries, it might sting me
well, unless it was tame it would be nice but if not it might peck.
VERY DANGEROUS!!! it could even cause you DEATH unless tame!!!!
might be equally dangerous as the second one or more tame
haha! is this even a question?! my animal might bite but it is very calm

how big of a space would your animal need?

a small cage. not much room
a big tank of sea water!
a big space where tall trees are!
much much land with rivers and hiding spots!
a very cold (below 0) type of climate where there is ice! brrrr!

what is your favorite color?

orange, black. not too bright
pink, white, yellow. got to love bright colors!
black white and maybe yellow. not to fancy
red white and blue! true American!
grey or white. colors are not my thing really

how big is your animal?

very small. it could fit in the palm of my hand
well... it would be about 3-4 feet tall
it would be very long
it would have very long wings!
way to big might be 6-7 feet long and way too heavy!!!

what would you feed your animal?

anything! my animal wouldn't care
cheese maybe
plankton. sea food stuff
a deer carcass or a type of meat