What personality do you have? (1)

What personality do you have? (1)

Find out what personality you have in my quiz. Hope you like it! It took...well...not very long but try it anyway.

published on November 27, 201320 responses 0 4.2★ / 5

You're walking past a river. Inside is a rich lady, drowning. Do you...

Help her immediately
Find something to help her, like a log
Let her drown then take her money

You find a door, and a key sticking out from under the mat. Do you...

Curiously unlock the door and peek inside.
Make sure no one is looking, take the key and walk away.
Tuck it under more. Someone could take it!

Do your friend say you're

Annoying, rude but clever
Kind towards everyone
Always putting work first, games after

Would you rather...

Be an evil mastermind
Be an inventor
Be a famous comedian

Would you rather have your house surrounded by...

Study books
Huge amounts of jelly
Piles of money