What kind of horse is right for you?

What kind of horse is right for you?

Many horse enthusiasts dream about one day owning their own horse but they sometimes make the mistake of jumping the gun before they have the proper knowledge and experience. Sometimes they end up with a horse that is all wrong for them and put themselves in danger. If you're horse-hunting this quiz may help you choose which horse is right for you.

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What sort of riding or activity would like to do with your horse?

High-level showing and competing.
Low or mid-level showing and competing.
Lessons, college teams, Pony Club, or 4-H.
Casual riding at home or with friends, trail riding, hacking.
Keeping as a lawn ornament or backyard pet.
Horse-flipping (training and re-selling).

What is your experience level?

I've just started riding within the past two or three years.
I learned to ride at least three years ago but not that
I've ridden regularly for at least three years and have
learned the basics of horse care.
I've ridden for at least ten years and have owned horses
before or have been solely responsible for the care of
I've ridden for many years and have horse training
knowledge and experience.

What is your budget like?

Over $20,000(USD)
Under $20,000(USD)
Under $10,000(USD)
Under $7,500(USD)
Under $5,000(USD)
Under $2,500(USD)
Under $1,000(USD)

What amount of effort and/or care would you be willing to put into your horse after you've purchased it?

As little as possible. I need my horse to be low-
If my horse has a particular extra need I'm not against
putting in extra time and resources to deal with it.
I'm looking for a challenge and I've got a heart the size of
Texas. Bring it on!

What kind of facility will you be keeping your horse at?

A busy stable.
A low-key stable.
A quiet, private property.