Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Are You? (2)

Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Are You? (2)

For those who love the movie or book series, find out if you are Rodrick, Greg or maybe even Rowley

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The teacher assigned LOTS of homework. When do you do it?

I sit at my kitchen table with my parent beside me for help.
I do it with my friend, and sometimes skip the questions neither of us understand.
Homework...? We're actually supposed to do that stuff?
The second I get it! For every question I ask the teacher about any little thing I'm not sure about.
I'm too good for homework, the teachers know I'm passing every class with straight A's.
I do it in my room in my free time, but I do it carefully. If I get a few answers wrong, it's not that big a deal.
The morning the assignment is due. I have better things to do at home than homework.

The popular boy/girl walks past, and you have a giant crush on him/her. What do you do?

Stare from afar with a small smile on your face... :)
I ask him/her if they want to see my pimped out bike.
I flirt coolly, nod at him/her as they walk past... You know, what the cool people do.
I show him/her my famous collection of wart hairs.
I'm SO much more popular than them! Are they doing five after school activities? Didn't think so!
Smile and wave, introduce myself. Nothing spectacular :)
I am too busy being shoved into a locker to notice him/her!

What do your teachers think of you?

Sit at the front of the class and keep your mouth shut!
I'm just another student to them. They don't notice me and they don't ignore me.
Oh... not you. Let's see how quickly you fail this class.
They try to pretend I don't exist because I gross them out :/
I'm obviously their best student. They favor me over all of these other morons.
I try my best and that's all I can offer :)
They're always bailing me out when the bullies show up

What after school activity would you join in?

Wrestling. I'm going to be huge by next month!
I follow my friend's leadership... Whatever he/she wants to do.
Fly below the radar, that way no one expects too much of you.
Wrestling... I get made fun of a lot in there because of my body shape.
Why, all of them, of course. But my favorite is theatre. I'm the leading role in every play.
I want to put all my time into my studies right now.
Ha, I didn't like school during the day! Why would I stay afterward?

What is your hobby?

I do whatever I feel like at the moment.
Hanging with my parents...
Listening to music, sleeping, eating...
I collect things
I make sure I become everyone's favorite. And if I'm not they'll change their mind soon enough.
Shopping, hanging with friends, reading a book.
Hide from bullies

Your parents leave for the weekend. You...

Follow the rules they set, do your chores like usual... Nothing changes much.
I watch movies, hang out with my friend, pimp out my room.
Are not trusted to be alone in the house, so they have to take you with them.
Become the military ruler of the house. If there's one speck of dirt, you'll lose your mind.
Go about as usual. Probably invite a friend or two over after clearing it with your parents.
Sit in front of the computer all weekend.

Who is your worst enemy?

The girl/boy I made fun of and she/he held a grudge against me.
I try not to have enemies. I'm nice to everyone.
The teachers... They're threatening to flunk me. Again.
The people I think are my friends and actually aren't.
Anyone who thinks to stand in my way.
I don't really have enemies. Everyone likes me... or so I hope.
The bullies...

Who is your best friend?

The embarrassing boy/girl I met when I was little. I like him/her but they can really act like a child.
The boy/girl who tries to be nice but can really be selfish or mean.
The rocker guy/girl who doesn't have a care in the world
Does imaginary count?
Who needs friends? They only slow you down!
I don't play favorites.
The person who defends me from bullies.

Ten years from now, your job will be...

A multi-millionaire with everyone I hate serving me!
Something that has to do with kids.
A rockstar...
I'll be the world champion for number of boogers picked. I don't need a job!
The president of the U.S.A... or at least a huge company.
I'm still searching for that perfect job.
The principal of a school, so I can be the one to torment bullies!

Your status at school is...

The "Selfish" One
The "Childish" One
The "I'm-Going-Nowhere-With-My-Life" One
The "Weird" One
The "Bossy" One
The "Sweet" One
The "Victim-of-Bullying" One

Who is your role model?

My parents.
A guy who sings songs for three year olds
Me, myself and I
The last champion for number of boogers picked!
The president of the U.S.A.
A famous poet.
Anyone who can overcome bullying.