Which subject suits you best??

Which subject suits you best??

I searched if there were similar quizzes but found only one and it isn't same as mine so take my quiz to know if a boring or cool subject suits u!! Oh this quiz is accurate and has a variety of subjects! I will also gave a short description of the subject u get if ever u don't know much about it.. Don't be offended if u got a subject you hate: it must suit u well if u got it!! lol..

published on November 29, 201396 responses 22 3.9★ / 5

Numbers or Words??

i think facts and events are better
neither numbers nor words

Do you think Math is a subject worth studying??

knowing beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is worthless
maths is important/ i love maths so yes
i hate any subject with numbers!!!

choose!! (there are other subjects you might get as result though)

Subjects dealing with reality and facts
Math or anything close to Math
i don't want any subject!! i hate sitting in a classroom..

Which of these is interesting or suits you best??

nature (animals, plants etc)
humans: their thoughts, reactions, feelings
health, fitness are important and suit me
stories: historical, adventure, discoveries etc
i like to see how cruel society can be (for example if you're fat you're ugly, money is everything..) i want to either side with society or my own way of seeing things
books suit me!!
solving problems and succeeding suit me!!

are you interested in love, friends, relationships more than with your studies?

yes!! what makes me go to school are friends and love interests!!
studies are important!! i don't interact with everyone and anyone!!
both are important!! books and friends!!!!

you are conscious about what???

finding new interests!!
relationships: love, friends, family (any of those :) )

choose what you like!!

reading (books, manga, anything until it's called reading)
watching tv
doing what i like with friends or family
playing or watching others play a sport
caring for my body (beauty parlor, bathing, etc)
solving problems (related to numbers, or helping others with their life problems)

you like

subjects related to language
subjects related to numbers
subjects related to the world, society
subjects related to love problems, boyfriends, girlfriends (LOL such a subject exists???)
subjects related to whatever is living in the environment..
who cares??? none of this is good enough!

was this qu;z good?? (i couldn't write the word quiiiz well so had to use ways like that :D )

it was good! seems you put much effort into making it! me: oh yes yes great effort!!!
i understand how hard it is to find questions!! so it was good
i wonder what are the results!!! quick!!
ok move on to the results!! .. i will comment which subject i got because i know you are very curious too
me: yes i am curious too! let me know your qu;z result too!!