What LPS popular character are you?

What LPS popular character are you?

This quiz is a personality quiz on what lps popular character are you. This quiz is made for sophiegarret and sophiegtv

published on November 23, 201314 responses 6
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What clothe style would you pick if you were going shopping with your friends?

Something expensive, rare, all spotlight on me and skimpy.
Something cute or sweet, like a bow.
Clothes shopping? why not go to a sport shop?
Something casual.
Something cool, on trend.
Some glasses and a scarf.
Something that will make me look cool and stand out!
Something the same as my friend, it will look cute if we are in matching outfits!

What food or drink would you be?

Dry salad
Sugar free juice
Chocolate cake
Hot spicy food
Pop tart
Coffee with whipped cream.

What would you do if someone called you fat?

Don't eat.
Sob and run into the bathroom.
'What the heck?'
'I am not fat!'
'Umm..excuse me, I am not fat, please don't call me that.'
Text Brooke.
'Who you calling fat, go look in the mirror!'

What would you do if you were humiliated in front of the whole school?

Make up a bad rumour to get the person back!
Talk to the person who made up the rumour.
Make a joke.
Go silent and walk away casually.
Text Genny to help.
'What you all laughing about, you better watch your backs!'
'humf, well aren't you a such comedians!'

What would you do if your friends took you down to the bottom of a messy school basement.

'Eww gross, what a freak you are!'
'I don't wanna go back up into the classroom where everyone will laugh at me!'
'Urgh, thanks..dude?'
'Oh, look chocolate cake!'
'I always go to this place when I am feeling down.'
" Thanks.'
'Ewww, I am like getting a manicure in like half an hour!!'
' Can we go to the café to get some coffee with whipped cream?'

What would you do if your worst enemy snatched your cricket off you?

Stick my claws into her back until she lets the cricket go!
Let the cricket choose who she wants to go home with.
Wouldn't bring the cricket to school in the first place!
'Hey, that's mine, give it back!'
Well, I am not bringing my cricket to school again...
'Urgh...please give it back...'
'You keep it, I don't care about it anyway.'
'What cricket?'

What would you wear to a dance party?

Skimpy devil outfit?
Angel costume, looks cute.
Snowboard outfit..
Cowboy outfit.
Follow the same sort of costume my friend is wearing.
I really don't care, just follow one of my friends.
Something that everyone will notice!
Something quirky.

What would you do if you got pushed into a tray of chocolate?

'Why did you push me into a tray of chocolate crap, you b with an itch!'
'Your a female dog!'
'What the heck, why did you do that, you have made a fool out of me in front of the whole school!'
Turn it into a joke and laugh about it.
Blush and run away.
Hide until class, then try to not be noticed during class.
Push them into the tray of chocolate.

What would you do if your enemy's boyfriend came over to your house to study?

Makeout and film it, put the film on the internet, then show it to my friend!
Be silly and forget all about studying!
Be silly and crack a few jokes!
Do a bit of studying and goof around!
Try on some different outfits, why not have a mini fashion show!
Study, I wanna get good grades.
Makeout and then totally date behind your enemy's back.
Eat and study!