what coulor best describes me

what coulor best describes me

Do you want to know what coulor best describes you then click here and find out it could be so diffrent than you expected.

published on July 25, 201181 responses 24 3.3★ / 5

what do you drink in the daytime.

a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.
tomato juice
a tropical drink while i sunbath.
apple juice
hot chocolate

what do you drink at night time.

anything stronger than what i drink in the day.
a snowball or a shandy
hot chocolate
orange juice
someone elses blood.

How many hours do you go out in the day.

none im to busy getting ready for the night.
All day i hang out with my mates.
If going out into my greenhouse counts then about 5 hours a day.
i dont i just sit at home and turn everything off.
never if its raining if its sunny then im either sunbating or out wioth my mates at the park.
id rather stay at home but i cant go home because someone gave me a wedge and im hanging off a hook
all time i love days out.
all the time looking to give someone a wedge.

How many hours do you go out at night.

all night im out partying
Only on the weekends.
not much i need to stya incase my plants die.
Not much im to busy crying.
Not much cause its not sunny.
Not much theres bullies around.
only if were going out to a family meal.
i cant i need to decied who im going to bullie next.

did you enjoy this quiz

no i heard it was good so i dragged my self all the way from a party but it was crap.
yeah i cant wait toi find out what coulor i am
it was ok
no it made me sad again.
it was great but id rather be out in the sun.
yeah it gives me an exscuse so i can tell my bullie my dad is making a plan.
yeah cause now my whole family is going to take it.
it was ok but now i need to decide who im going to bullie tomorrow.