Would Harry Styles Date You? (1)

Would Harry Styles Date You? (1)

This is to see if you can date Harry Styles. With this test you can see if he will date you.

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Who is your favorite in One Direction?

My Irish Nialler (Niall)
Sexy Boobear (Louis)
Hazza ;) (Harry)
Daddy Direction (Liam)
DJ Malik (Zayn)

Favorite 1D song?

Little Things
Rock Me
What Makes You Beautiful
Live While Were Young
One Thing

What color eyes do you have?


What do you like to do in your free time?

Go out and party
Have fun with friends
Go to the cennima
Read a book

What is your dream date?

A picnic
Stay home and watch movies
Go out to a fancy dinner
A walk in the park?