Which Disney tattoo should you get?

Which Disney tattoo should you get?

Take this quiz to find out which Disney tattoo fits your personality best!

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What do you struggle with most in life?

I don't fit in.
My family can be overbearing sometimes.
I don't like rules!
I'm misunderstood.
It's the worst when my friends and I fight.

What's your favorite flower?

Anything pink!
I don't pay much attention to flowers!
I love all flowers.

Do you think everyone has a soul mate?

Absolutely, love is for everyone.
Maybe not everyone, but most people for sure.
If you really take a chance, love can be anywhere for anyone!
Hm, I don't think much of love.

What is your favorite color?


If you went off for some alone time, where would we find you?

The library. I love to read.
Outside, enjoying nature.
On the beach. Surf's up!
I don't like being alone.
On a walk, probably singing.