Mind Reader! -Farm animals

Take this test that will read your mind! Almost like 20 questions. Think of a farm animal. It will blow your mind away!

published on July 25, 201133 responses 9 3.7★ / 5

Is it furry?

Yes, but isn't probally clean.
It's hard to touch one but it isn't exactly furry.
It does't have fur!
Soft fur!
Rough fur and all different colors.
Yes, and it's some what soft when its brushed.

Is it small?

No, most of them.
Smaller than all the rest.
In a way
Big and small!
Sure. Maybe a little bigger than small

What color is it?

Black and White
Different colors most likely two colors are on it
Mostly brown
Brown, black or white

How many feet, what kind?

Paws, four
Sharp nails+paws, four
Unknown maybe hooves? Four
Hooves, four
Very fluffy, hooves, four
Hooves, skinny, four
Weebed feet, two
Hooves, fat four

Can it be a pet? Where would it live?

Stable, yes
Wandering, sure
Eating, pooping, doubtfully
House, yes
Depends, sometimes outside, sometimes in, yes
In the mud, sure
In a coop, sure
Grazing mostly, sure