Which My Little Pony character are you? Deluxe

Which My Little Pony character are you? Deluxe

A pony personality quiz with more ponies for results!!! You can now more accurately know who you would be!

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You're beautiful. What do you have to say?

I'm not pretty! I'm cool!
Oh.... um.... th-thanks. *Squeal*
Oh. Thanks.
Aren't I??
You know I am!
Thank you.
You really think so...?
Hahahaha! I am!

What do you think your cutie mark will be?

Balloons or streamers!
Maybe a book.
Something shiny like metal or gems.
Maybe a music note or microphone.
Something cool for sure!
Lightning because I'm a good runner!
A tree or something natural...
Something to do with apple trees.
The moon.
A heart because I'm kind.

It's morning! How do you feel?

Like causing trouble.
Like singing "Morning in Ponyville". :D
Like saying hi to everypony!!!
Not much of a morning person...
Like rising with the sun.
Like going outside and exercising!
Like being rude and evil.

What's your name backwards?

If I say my name backwards, it may call forth my evil
alter ego!
Why does this matter...?
I don't have time for this...
Do I get a cutie mark if I do this?!

Who are you?

I am the night.
♪I am a Cutie Mark Crusader!♪
I'm the coolest!
I can be your friend!
Um.... I'm ᶠᶫᵘᵗᵗᵉʳˢʰʸ...
I'm related to people I want the world to know I'm
proud to love!
I am chaos itself!
I'm a princess my parents tell me.
I am your worst Nightmare.

It's night time. Now what?

Time to party!!!
I'm in the city that never sleeps so neither do I.
Time to get up.
I'm already asleep before night.
I'm in my elemeeeent!
Time to dream.
I need my beauty sleep.


Was that even a question?
What fun is there in making sense?
No!!! Just crazy!!!
I live in the city, so I know chaos.
No chaos. At all.
As long as it's not during a date or wedding I'm having,
Is there a cutie mark for that?
Not cool!

What do you like to eat?

Um.... salad is fine....
Anything Rainbow Dash would eat.
Whatever will energize me!
Paper any day.
A daffodil sandwich, please.
Your dreams.