What pony are you most like??

What pony are you most like??

A quiz to see what My Little Pony you'd be like if you were a pony in Equestria.

published on November 20, 201342 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

You're making Cupcakes.

Better invite Dashy.
Please don't bring up Cupcakes...
I just looked that up and.... JUST NO!
I prefer things like pies and muffins.
Only if I have oven mitts. I don't wanna burn my precious skin.
Um.... ok.

You just became a princess!!! Reaction?

But I'm a guy...
Wow, I bet my friends would be so happy for me.
No thanks. I'm awesome enough as is.
No wayyyy! My friend Twilight's a princess. Do you know Twilight? Probably not. She keeps to herself. I can introduce you. Would you like that?
You won't be disappointed.
I think you should find somepony else...

Your friends are being bullied. What do?

Pwn the bullies and make them wet themselves.
Kindly ask the antagonist to stop.
You mustn't get your hands dirty on trash like this.
Ask an elder for help.
Scold the antagonist.

What's your fave color?

Pink. Like cotton candy!
Red. The color of my first book!
Green like nature.
White... The color of diamonds.
Red like apples.
I love all the colors, dude. Roy G Biv. ftw.
Brown like mud. >:D

What kind of place do you live in?

Big city, loads of ponies.
I like to read, so a place with lots of books.
In the middle of nowhere away from others.
In the most beautiful home on my street.
I mostly live in the clouds. Or that's what my parents say...
Somewhere with fruits I can just pick and eat.

How do you greet others?

No time! I'm always in a rush!
Um... you're supposed to greet others...?
Greetings, darling.

You're going on a simple walk. What do you bring?

My dress, boots, hat, loads of makeup, purse.... This is
summer, right?
Why bring anything? All my animal friends will be out
Bring some snacks and whoopie cushions. Might as well have fun.
I have to bring my soccer ball or basketball. May stop by a park.
A book.