What's your clothing style?

When you are sitting in front of your closet trying to find out what to wear, wouldn't it be nice to know your style a little better so it would would take 3 minutes instead of 3 hours? Take this quiz to find out your style.

published on July 24, 201164 responses 9
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Your heading out to the beach. What do you wear for bottoms?

My new pair of sparkly shorts!- What? It will attract a lot of attention!
A pair of khakis!- Simple and me!
My black Sofees.- Comfy and low-key.
My favorite color on sofees!- It's my favorite color!
My short shorts!-Gotta attract some hot dudes!
Possible my pajama shorts.- I don't know I just grabbed it and am going!
A pair of jeans.- Don't worry I can stand the heat in those.
My floral skirt wth a plain colored tank top that matches.- It's still a public place.

It's the first day of school. What do you wear?

A nice new dress!- It's the first day of first impressions!
My dress that is all of my favorite color!- Fancy with my Fave!
A pencil skirt with a white sugar lips!- SEXY!!!!
Brown slacks with a forest green polo!- It's still school!
My glitter dress that has on one armhole!- It's shiny and cute!
Ummm?- I don't know!
Black shorts with a red shirt and a white tank under.- I hate school! Why dress all nice!
Jeans with a white tank and heavy cardigan.

Your bff and you are hosting a fashion show. what outfit do you pick for the theme, "Blossoming Beautiful?"

Sparkly tank with white shorts.
Why would I being doing a fashion show I have no fashion!
I don't know! I'l figure that out later!
If I had one I would wear a gown.
A dress that goes down to my mid thigh.
What month is it?
All clothes and accessories with one color.
Khakis and a white t-shirt.

It's the valentines day dance at the school. What do you wear?

ALL RED!!! (or pink)
Jeans and a t-shirt.
Sparkly dress. The one I wore for the fashion show.
A black dress.
I'm supposed to know now?
Green dress
The dress I wore for church last week. (the really pretty one)
A low cut dress, that goes down to my mid thigh. Oh yeah it's strapless too!

Your going to your cousin's communion. What will you wear.

I know I'm going to pick something out and my mom will yell at me on how it's the wrong season.
A white dress. (Yes I'm keeping my black nail polish)
The little black dress, one from delia*s.
All white.
My sparkly dress (with smaller sparkles)
I don't know I even had a communion to go to. I'll pick something out later.
My dream gown.
A brown dress.