Designer or Model?

Take this quiz and find out whether you are a fashion designer, a true individual or a top runway model.

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You walk into a second-hand shop and decide to:

buy a few things that inspire you.
buy a few unusual and crazy clothes.
leave right away.

You get invited to a fashion show an decide to:

go so you get inspired with the designer of the show.
don't bother going at all.
go so you know what to wear the next day.

Your friends are going to a dress up party and ask you to come with them, you go with them and wear:

something you designed yourself.
something that no one else will be wearing.
the latest fashion.

You are having a party to celebrate your thirteenth birthday and you invite:

a few good artists you know well
a few of your friends you know inside and out.
everyone you know.

If you could be anywhere in the world, you would go:

to a art and design studio in London.
where not many people would go.
to the red carpet.

If you could be anyone in the world it would be:

an artist or designer.
a chef or veterinarian.
a model.

In your free time you like to:

sketch or draw.
dress up or read.
dress up and or take photos of yourself.

Who would be your idol:

Marie Claire
Lady GaGa
Gemma Ward

Your friends say you are:


Your best friend tells you that you are good at: