What Ice Cream flavor are you? (1)

What Ice Cream flavor are you? (1)

This Quiz is about what Ice Cream flavor are you. There are many choices, and more questions than average quizzes, so I can determine each flavor with each question. Choose wisely, good luck and have fun! :D

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What would you describe your style as?

Very bright, and all my clothes are very expensive, and everyone is jealous of my collection! :D I wear heals often, and sexy skirts, and even dresses.
Very chic, sexy, and sporty. I buy all my clothes, from the sporting goods stores. I often wear sports jerseys ( Proffesional sports ).
I wear none of the above!

Favorite Sport :P

ALL of them, I'm good at any sport you throw at me, and there's none I hate. :D
-_- I HATE sports. Don't even say that word! Sweat is gross!..
I like swimming, it's calm and you can go at your own pace.

Bonus : Favorite Season

I LOVE fall, sports season is for me!
I like summer, bikinis, and summer bonfires here I come!
I like the winter, warm fuzzy boots, and fuzzy coats!

How many friends do you have?

I have so many, I can't keep count! :3 I am very charismatic!
All the Jocks, in the school!
A few friends, atleast 5-10. Most of them are all very close to me, and we've know each other forever.

What do you do on Weekends, after the long week of school?

Be at parties, 24-7. All day, all night! :D
Playing sports with my besties, of course!
I like to be alone usually, only hanging out with close friends.
I like to go shopping for expensive clothes, at the mall with ALL my friends!
Training for my sports competions, 24-7 all Friday afternoon, till Sunday night.
Reading books alone, on a bench at my favorite park.

What's your favorite colors?

Pink, yellow, purple, and EVERYTHING NEON! :D
Soft colors : Silver, Gray, White, and maybe some blues. Depending on my mood.
Grassy Green, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Pine Tree green, Forest Brown. I love Earthy Colors :)