What is your personality? (2)

Take this quiz to see what your true personality is, grouchy, regular, or optimistic.

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What is your first thought when you get out of bed?

Hooray! Another super day!
Great. Another exhausting, boring day.
I dont wanna get up, but I should.

What is your opinion about school?

I dont really like school, but at least I'm learning.
Who needs school?
Hooray!!! School time!

You don't get what you want for Christmas. What is your reaction?

I dont want this crap, I want what I asked for!
Oh my gosh!! This is soo much beter than what I asked for!!
Oh, wow! It may not be what I wanted, but it is still great!

You get your first vehicle, but it is not what you expected. Your reaction is?

OMG! This is soo amazing!!!
I dont want this hunk of junk!
It is soo cool! Even though it isnt what I expected!

Your crush asks you out on a date, what do you do?

Yeah sure! I would love to.