Could We Be Friends? (2)

Could We Be Friends? (2)

Would We Make Good Friends..Or Would We Be Enemies...Your Choice Of Words.

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Im Sitting Alone At The Lunch Table...You

Walk Over And Sit With Me
Invite Me To Sit With You And Your Friends
Ask Me Why Im Sitting Alone
Go Over And Ask Some Of Your Friends

(If Not Choose The Last Answer) You Decided To Come Sit By Me I Dont Say Anything To You..Or Look Up

Ask Me Whats Wrong
Don't Ask Questions..Just Ask Who Hurt Me
Smile And Try To Get Me To Laugh
Sigh And Move Back With Your Friends

(If Not Choose The Last Option) You Decided To Ask Me To Sit Over With You And Your Friends..I Just Shake My Head And Turn Away..You

Ask If Somethings Bothering Me
Go And Sit With Your Friends And Watch Me From A Distance
Shake It Off And Sit With Your Friends

You Hear That Somebody Started A False Rumer About Me..You..

Find Out Who Did It
Comfort Me
Ignore It
Ask Me About It

My Dog Dies..You

Say Sorry And Roll On
Comfort Me..And Get Me A New One
Ingore It
Say That Im Being "Over Dramatic"

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