Which Twilight Character Are You?

Which Twilight Character Are You?

If you are a fan of Twilight, find out if you're like Edward or Jacob or one of the others.

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First off, what is your relationship status?

I'm in love with my girlfriend/boyfriend but she/he is cheating on me...
Wait... I'm in several relationships. Which one are you talking about?
I love my girl/boy! We couldn't be happier.
We love each other but every relationship needs work, right?
She/He keeps me in line. I keep him/her in line. It balances out.
My relationship is perfect with him/her. If only others could be as happy as us...
I love him/her but he/she's with someone else...

What are your thoughts on life?

What is the point in my existence?
Well... I'm not sure. Probably to have as many boyfriend/girlfriends as possible.
To make my girlfriend/boyfriend happy and live happily ever after.
To worry over objects and material. There's always something more we need.
I'll tell you when I find out, but for now probably to find happiness.
Always have fun! Just live! And to spend quality time with my love...
To obsess over the girl/boy of my dreams while she/he is in the arms of another...

What makes you wake up in the morning?

Barely anything. Just another day of hunting for something out of my reach.
My love. She/He is the first thing on my mind sun rise and sun set.
Just the thought of living. Who knows what adventures I'll have today.
Many things. My hobbies, my boyfriend/girlfriend, the smell of food, my favorite show is on...
Maybe today she/he will notice me...
Um... the obligation of school? Cooking breakfast? Oh, and I'm having one of my boyfriend/girlfriends over!
Perhaps today my girlfriend/boyfriend won't run off with that one boy/girl again...

What is your pet peeve?

Things that are different from me.
Boredom... I must always be doing something.
Liars. I hate when people lie straight to my face for no reason at all.
People not caring how they look. If you wanted to look like a slob, you should have stayed in bed!
A dull party. Fun is everything. So I think I'll just crack a few jokes...
Um... One of my boyfriend/girlfriends finding out I'm unfaithful?
My girlfriend/boyfriend's secret longings to be with others.

Your worst trait is...

I'm not the brightest bulb in the bunch.
I'm a bit loud.
I take things too seriously.
I love material objects more than anything else.
I can be obsessive over stupid things.
I'm very unfaithful to my boyfriend/girlfriend, but are you sure that's a bad trait?
I can be arrogant.

Your best trait is...

I'm very intelligent.
I care for everyone.
I'm very strong... physically or mentally.
I'm very loving.
I'm a lot of fun... If there's a party, I'm in the middle of it.
I keep the peace. If there's a fight, I'm always the one to balance the tempers.
Um... Boys/Girls love me. No one can keep his/her hands off me!

It's Friday night. Where are you?

Hanging around the house, doing a hobby.
With my friends, always.
Finding something to do to cure my boredom... Probably call up the girlfriend/boyfriend.
With my boyfriend/girlfriend, of course. We can't be separated.
Looking through my old stuff, thinking back to the memories...
Chatting with anyone I can find, making new friends, socializing.
Deciding which boyfriend/girlfriend to hang out with tonight...

You find out your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you! Your reaction?

No surprise there... Oh, well. I'll just let her/him go, then.
What boyfriend/girlfriend? The one I love was never with me in the first place!
I'm shocked and hurt. I try to win him/her back even with a broken heart.
He/She wouldn't! We're in love! It's impossible!
Well, if that's what makes him/her happy... so be it.
Another one? How many bad relationships must I go through?
I'm the one cheating!

It's your birthday! Your boyfriend/girlfriend buys you a gift. What is it?

He/She didn't remember my birthday... Like every other year.
A gift card... What else is to be expected?
Well, my first boyfriend/girlfriend bought me a necklace and the second one bought me a...
That thing from the mall I've been wanting forever!
She/He made me something homemade. The thought he/she put into it was cute.
He/She didn't buy me anything. I got a birthday kiss and a night out, though, which is more special anyway.
I told her/him I didn't want anything but he/she insisted and bought me a gift anyway.

Your friends meet your boyfriend/girlfriend. They say...

All my friends have dated her/him in the past. He/She gets around.
They've only met one or two so far and they're all impressed.
"Wow! He/She is really hot! You're lucky!"
"I would totally date him/her. The perfect package."
"Sweet girl/guy. Don't be a jerk to him/her."
"He/She is kind of quiet. Can you even carry on a conversation with him/her?"
Well, they've seen me watching the one I love kiss his/her boyfriend/girlfriend from the distance and they pity me, at least.

Your thoughts on love are...

Everyone has someone, my girlfriend/boyfriend just has too many...
Everybody loves me. My boyfriend/girlfriend will forgive me for cheating on him/her so much because I'm so cute.
Love is a fun way to get close to somebody and appreciate them for who they are.
There are different types of love. Love for a person, love for yourself and love for material.
You have to search for love to find it, and then it'll come to you unexpectedly.
I love the world! Even my enemies! Why waste time holding grudges?
I'll never find love... She/He will never love me back...