Is working in a spa right for you?

Is working in a spa right for you?

Take this quiz to see if working in a spa is the right career choice for you...

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do you enjoy giving manicures, pedicures or just working on friends and family?


how quickly do you learn new things?

im a very fast learner
it takes me a while
i learn at my own pace
i go as fast as i can

do you enjoy meeting new people and working one on one?

i can do it but i dont like it
i love meeting new people!!!

you're working and its almost your lunch break but youve been scheduled for another client...what do you do?

just leave its my lunch break, theres no time
stay you have no choice you were overbooked
see if a coworker can do it for you
complain to the boss but still do it

how well do you work in a team?

i prefer working alone
i love working in a team
theres no I in team
i hate working in a team, i wont!

are you good at upselling?

whats upselling?
forsure i can sell anything
im alright, can only get better
its really scarry

how do you work under stressfull situations?

sometimes stress gets the best of me
I find when im stressed it pushes me
i break down and have to stop what im doing
sometimes its hard but i always pull through

when a customer demands a discount because there un happy with the service what do you do? (in your opinion nothings wrong)

tell them to bite it!
the customers always right
bring the store owner and make an arrangment
tell them that you can give them a discount because nothing was done wrong

Are you social?


are you good at science?

its my favorite subject
i hate science
its fun but i suck!
its alright im good at it