eastenders (1)

eastenders (1)

A quiz on what eastenders charectors you are Ian,peggy,phil,alfie,roxy or ronnie.

published on July 20, 201115 responses 3

what is your hobbie.

counting YOUR!!! money
running your buisness and getting ready.
making jokes
staying in and looking after your kids.

how often do you go out in the day

About 1-9 hours to go to work.
About five hours a day.
About 3 hors a day looking for a fight.
I like to stay and see my mates when they come in my buisness
I stay in in bed.
Only for an hour for some fresh air.

How often do you go out at night.

only for an hour or two
all the time i run a club.
Not much i have a wife/husband and kids
all the time im a party animal.
Not much i dont like it.

who is the most important person in your life.

my sons/daughters.
my wife
my family
my kid
my husband.

who is your idol

simon cowell
joan colliyns
david hasslehoff
Any comidian
cher loyyd

Did you enjoy this quiz

it was quite good.