What prince/Princess are you?

What prince/Princess are you?

This has nothing to do with disney, i just did this cuz i am boared(Lies, suposed to b studying 4 a test)

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First of all, the most very anoying question on qfeast, What is your favourite color?

Yellow/any shocking colors

whats your favourite weather and number?

Dark and gloomy/rainy1
Dark and gloomy/rainy2
Bright and sunny3
Bright and sunny4
normal or cloudy5
normal or cloudy6

Sooo...have any hobbies?

Music, art...idk anything creative
fun and makin' lotsa friends
sand castles(Supposed to be doin' other important things)
voodoo rituals and capturing people(Im the villian, mwahahaha)
discovering new diseases and making friends...i dont have any though...i dont know y
makin' jewelry and fashion

do you have fan girls/boys?

Only if i cast a spell on them
I am the fan girl/boy
that would b very fun...to be famous and all...
do you have to ask?

Where do you want 2 live?

in the dark and cloudy skies
At the beach...with the sand and the sea...and the sexy babes/dudes
in a pretty little flower
on the stage
in the most shiny, flashy palace you have ever seen
Somewhere with lots of friends and disease

You find a party invitation lying around, what do you do?

Oh no, the person who dropped it must really want to come to my party, i must return it!
I already got an invite so i dont care
oh yay! this must be my lucky day!Now i can finally get a friend!
Well SOMEBODY doesn't like my parties
oh that was my friends, better give it to her
dropped it? well now its all their fault for letting me get into that party so easily and ruining everything. mwahaha!

Its a fancy party! what will you wear?

Doom and destruction
The stuff i normally wear
The grossest outfit ever!
The fanciest outfit ever!
People dont care what i wear, im famous!
All my jewelry.


That was me...
Oh noes! that was my crush, i must save!!!
Ok fine ill help
yes! Squirm you pethetic little worm!
better call the hero...
Shut up!