Twilight Quiz, Find Out Who You Are

Twilight Quiz, Find Out Who You Are

*I don't own the image* If you like Twilight, which one do you think you would mostly be?

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Are you a dog person?

They are fine, One of them is my friend.
I'm starting to like them.
I like them. I like them a lot.
I hold a grudge because they can be so annoying.
I don't really mind them, I see good in almost everything.
Ew, dogs... those are the worst.
Not a dog person.
Dogs this, dogs that! Enough with it. They smell.
No, I hate dogs.
Yes, one of them will do anything to protect me.

If you have a whole weekend, to do what ever you want, what would you do?

Learn what I never knew before.
Spend quality time with my love.
Tackling game with my friends.
Help someone who is hurt.
Give people gifts.
Plan the BIGGEST party, I already know what it looks like.
Arm wrestle with my friends.
I would shop, and look at my beautiful self.
Spend time with my family.

Who would you most likely be with?


What would your power be?

Shield (block powers)
Mind Reading
Shape Shifter
Passionate Love
See the Future
Unbelievable Strength
Change One's Mood
Tactile thought projection and shield penetration (Mind
Reading and shielding)

When you see someone for the first time, what do you notice?

Their Eyes.
What they are thinking.
Their scent.
Their skin.
Their Personality.
Anything that I see before I meet them.
Their muscles.
Their smile.
Their mood.
I just touch their face.

How would you become a vampire?

Begin to die after giving birth.
Begin to slowly dieing of the Spanish influenza.
None because I am the beast inside <-- In other words
I'm to awesome for it.
Attacked and left on the streets to die.
From jumping/falling off a cliff
Waking up one day as one & not remebering what happened
Mauled by a bear
Abused and left out to die on the street
Someone wanted you to claim territory in Monterrey
Born half and half

What is your hair color?

Reddish Brown
Dark Brown
Bleach Blonde
Light Brown
Black and very little Brown
Blonde and Brown
Reddish orange, like my father