Model, Actress, Singer, or Dancer?

If you were to be, would you be a model, actress, singer orrr a dancer!? find...... out...... here......

published on July 20, 2011128 responses 34 3.8★ / 5

What shoes do you prefer?

High Heels
Anything I can move around in
Heels, sneakers, boots anything

What jewlery is better?

Any type as long as I can wear it
Earrings and bracelets
Earrings only
Anything. Other than face peircings

You prefer your hair......

Straight and non frizzy
Up in a bun
Down or a high pony
However is most comfortable

Your hair color is......

Brown or black
Bleach Blonde, or Carmel
Red or other

What earrings do you like?

Long hoops
Anything that wont whack my face
What matches my outfit.

Are you serious or easy-going?

Im like so random
Sorta serious but not much
Im a go with the flow kind of person