How will I die

How will I die

Lol this quiz is for fun lol i was bored so enjoy your results. I am can't predict the future but hey why not :P

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Picture this your at school and some ones bullying you what do you do??

you shrug it off because a bully isn't worth your time.
You eplode and punch em in the face
you run to the bathroom and cry
You say something way off because your haveing a hang over from the night before

What describes you

Love to party all night

what object do you like most

my counties flag
Who needs a object my fist are the answer to every question pfft
My pillow
A glass full of wine

what color suits you

Royal blue
light blue

Are you Ready

Yes i am ready
pfft what ever
i hope it's quick and soon
YEAHH *Takes a sip of my liquor*