Mood Quiz

Take this mood quiz to figure out what mood you're in! Hope you enjoy you're results! Have fun!

published on July 20, 201160 responses 13 3.7★ / 5

When you woke up today...

I was smiling, And then I had some breakfast
I was happy. But I skipped breakfast-- too much to do!
I was sad, Another day with the same routine
I was excited! There was so much that awaited me today!

The first person you saw was...

My horrible boss
My best friend
My cute boyfriend/girlfriend
My Parents

What are you wearing today?

My favorite T-shirt and jeans!
Whatever's "in"!
Somthing comfy
Fancy pants and a dressy top

My favorite thing to do is...

Surf the internet
I don't have one, I love doing anything!
These day's i'm bored with everything
Exersize, gotta stay in shape!

I consider myself...

Crazy and Weird!