Which Pound Puppy Are You

Which Pound Puppy Are You

find out which dog from the Pound Puppies 2010 series you are most like.

published on November 09, 201339 responses 10 5.0★ / 5

Which best describes you?

smart, cool and smooth
tough and loyal, but soft at the heart
science genius inventor
tough, street-smart, city-dog
goofy, gentle, and afraid of somethings
hyper-active, non-stop talking, energetic pup

Which role do you have in the Pound Puppies team?

second in command
going on missions, and wearing disguises
going on missions, watching pups
leader of the super secret pup-club, and going on missions

What is something most dogs don't know about you?

i have a crush on cookie and dolly, and can get over-tempered
i have a crush on lucky, and i can be soft at the heart
i can get jealous of somethings and can speak in German
i can be scared of some things, and i was once a Frisbee dog
i can be very crazy when a bee flies in my nose, and i want attention
I'm not always happy

Which dog breed are you?

mutt-possible German shepherd/Scottish terrier
boxer mix
Old English sheepdog
old English sheepdog puppy

What do you do in your free time?

think of new plans for adopting puppies
play with puppies
invent new things
scare away cats and scare off intruders
smell flowers
play with toys and other dogs