which icarly charector am i?

which icarly charector am i?

who do you think you are carly the kind one sam the slob or freddie the tecno geek.

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what is your hobby

hanging with my mates
eating and fighting.
laptop and anthing electrical.

who is your best freind.

the person i hang around with every day.
my bed and my fist.
the guy at technoligy club.

what boys/girls do you prefer.

a smart sefisticated man witha good job.
someone who can cover for me at school and is tough.
a women who is in to laptops and is tecie like me.

when you are older what would you like to be.

anything that pays good money i will have a family feed and i am very clever.
i want to be a house wife so i can teach my children how to burp.
i want to have a my own shop to mend electrical items

what is your favourite food.

salad and healthy things.
anything unhealthy
pizza but i dont really have much becomes my mom