What Creepypasta are you? (2)

What Creepypasta are you? (2)

if you were one of the four main pastas, what would you be? take this short quiz to find out

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you spend most of your time

walking around at night
in the woods, watching the things that pass by
emailing friends online or in chatrooms
playing video games with the lights out

when around people, you prefer

large crowds
away but social, such as texting or email
in a treehouse with a couple friends
at a publc pool

your favorite place is

deep in the forest
in a virtual world
nighttime streets of the town
the internet

as a person, your favorite activity

stab stab stabby stab
stalking your enemies
burning your video game avatar
screwing people with nightmares

your assault weapon:


what do you like to do to people

put them to sleep
abduct them
give them nightmares with scary pictures and stories
screw them up in gaming

which would you rather have

a carved smile
red fur
a green hat

what do you do to someone who breaks your heart?

stabby stab STAB
stalk them
light them on fire
scare the living crap outta them with emails

best setting for a story involving you as the villain

nightime on an alley street
a foggy forest at dawn
a stormy night on the computer
an eerie location in a vitual world

whats your favorite creepy pasta?

jeff the killer
ben drowned
smile dog