Are You My Type (GUYS ONLY)

Are You My Type (GUYS ONLY)

So I Had Way To Many Answers And I Really Just Wanted To Make A More Deatailed One..So Yah

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So Its The 1st Day Of School, You Haven't Got To See/Talk To Me In Over A Week Because Your Family Has Been Visiting Family. You Haven't Seen Your Guy Friends Since School Was In. Expept For The Occasional Visit. You Only Have 10 Minutes To Talk..You Would

Spend Some With You And Some With My Friends
Go Straight To You And Forget My Friends
I Can You All The Time..But Not My Guy Friends..I Think I'll Go With Them
Ignore All Of You..I Can't Make That Decission

Im Sitting With My Friends At Lunch..When A Guy Comes Up And Tells Me Im In His Seat...You

Tell Him To Leave Me Alone..And Add A Good Threat At The End
Get Up And Shrug Saying "There's Other Seats"
Ignore Them To The Best Of Your Ability
Get Up And Start A Fight With Him

Its "That Time Of The Month" And Im "Sore"..You

Ignore You..Not My Problem
Cuddle With You..And Say Ecouraging Words
Avoid You..Till The Time Is Up
Be There For You As Needed..Just Not In Public..AKA My Friends
I Don't Care..I'll Be There With You Then Entire Time

If I Was Having Trouble Sleeping At Night You Would..

Txt Me All Night..Til Im Asleep
Not Really Anything I Could Do About That..
Hang Out With You As Much As Possible Til You Fall Asleep..Or Til Your Parents Kick Me Out
Anything Really..I Cant Think Of Anything

Im Having To Have Surgery Monday..And I Told You Friday Night That I Wish You Could Go..You'd

Just Shrug It Off And See Me After-School
Go And Beg Your And My Parents To With Me
Worry All Day While At School..And Rush To See Me
Ignore It..And Continue On With Your Weekend

Im Scared And Not Wanting To Leave My House Because Of Some Rumor Somebody Started About Me At School..You

Find Who Started It...And Beat Them Up
Talk Around And Let People Know Its Not True
-Roll Eyes- And Claim That Its Just A Bunch Of "Girl Drama"
Comfort Me Saying Encouraging Things
Comfort Me..Then Go To School And Find Out Who It Is Before Confronting Them

Im Feeling Super Sick...And Im Having To Stay Home Alone You

Say Your Sorry And You'll Be Over The Second School Ends
Claim Your Too Busy To Come Over
Hang Out With Me All Day Til I Start To Feel Better..OR My Parents Show Up And Throw You Out
Do Whatever And Txt You

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